Our Philosophy

United Payment Processing provides merchant processing solutions through the registered ISO/MSPs, Electronic Exchange Systems and PayProTec. Because of our relationship with these two companies, you can be sure you are receiving the best possible rate. We locate the best solution for you, the customer, and place your application with the proper processing provider. United Payment Processing believes that the customer should not only understand what is being charged, but should also have a rate that they know is the best in the industry. We want to maintain your business for life. That’s why we offer our “Low Price Guarantee.” If your existing rates are legitimately lower than what we can offer…we’ll tell you. They probably won’t be, but if they are, then we believe you should know you are getting an incredible deal!

All merchant accounts are referred to and processing services provided by PayProTec
Inc. and Electronic Exchange Systems, a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA, National
Association, Buffalo, NY and Wells Fargo Bank N.A.,Walnut Creek, CA

Our Partners

United Payment Processing is committed to taking care of our partner customers. If you are a franchise, trade association, or business that is expanding to multiple locations, let us know and we will customize rate plans and service that will eliminate your worries and concerns.